Property Preservation

Damp Surveys

A preservation survey can be carried out on your home to identify what is causing any damp problems and we'll provide the most appropriate solution to repair the damage. Our repair services come fully guaranteed and your initial damp survey is free of charge, insurance work excluded.

Damp Proofing

This is the term given to the range of services that are used for property preservation, preventing damp from causing damage to fabric in your property.

JWC Preservation are specialists in this area with over 40 years of experience in protecting homes from damp issues. Your property may have been flooded or could be dealing with a condensation problem. Whatever the issue, our team of experts are ready to provide a cost effective solution.

Rising Damp

The majority of houses in this country have already had a damp proof course injected to prevent rising damp from affecting the internal fabric. However in some instances this work may not have been carried out correctly, it may have become damaged, or it can become "bridged" if the outside ground level is too high. This can then result in rising damp damaging the material within your property.

The solution to this is to strip and reinstate the damaged plaster using renovating plaster and inject the wall with our damp proof course.


A great way of ensuring damp issues do not develop is to have a reliable ventilation system installed. We offer a range of ventilation solutions to improve your home and prevent damp problems.

We offer a full ventilation survey and installation service, and with our 40+ years experience in the industry we have seen every type of problem and provided solutions to these to improve the air quality indoors.


Our team of experts are ready to help with any kind of drainage issue. With our modern technology we will spot any drainage problem and unblock your drains once and for all.

Our experience includes both residential and commercial drainage systems and we pride ourselves on guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction.

Condensation & Mould Control

When moisture-laden air condenses on cold surfaces in your property, this can result in growths of mould which can damage decorations and furnishings.

If you are dealing with a condensation or mould problem our surveying team can visit your property to diagnose the cause and provide an effective solution. The solution may involve installing extractor fans, pressure ventilation systems or fixing cold spots in your property.

We will advise the best course of action and fully guarantee all work carried out.

Dry Rot Treatment

In order to properly treat dry rot it is necessary to remove all sources of moisture which lead to the dry rot occuring. Once this has been done we can carry out further treatment such as removing plaster, applying a suitable fungicide and identifying and fixing any structural integrity issues, which may involve replacing timbers where necessary.

Timber Treatment

A common component of most properties, timber is useful yet vulnerable to damp related problems, fungi, and damage caused by wood boring beetles. We have a range of timber treatments to repair any kind of damage caused to timber in your property.

Our experienced team will always provide honest advice regarding timber treatments and carry out all work to the highest standard.

Woodworm Treatment

If your home has acquired a woodworm infestation it is imperative to treat the affected area and fully eliminate the pests to prevent deterioration of the wood to the point where it becomes weakened and compromises structural integrity.

We can deal with any woodworm problem, whether in bare timber or in painted or varnished wood.

We have many years of experience dealing with woodworm issues and will provide the solution to fully eradicate the infestation.

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