DPC Injections

What are damp proof injections?

Rising damp and related problems are caused by groundwater rising up through the masonry of your home or property. Most modern houses now have a damp proof course (DPC) built into the walls which acts as a waterproof barrier to prevent moisture from passing through it.

If a building is old and has no DPC, or if the DPC of a building has become damaged or deteriorated, rising damp may pose a serious threat, with the recommended solution being to fit a new DPC.

Damp proof injections involve injecting a remedial, liquid DPC into the masonry which permeates the base of the wall creating an impermeable barrier to groundwater.

How are chemical Damp Proof Courses fitted?

The ideal level to inject the DPC is approximately 150mm above the outside ground level, and below the level of interior floor joists. Holes are drilled into the masonry roughly 100mm apart spanning the full width of the wall, although the exact spacing does depend on the construction of the wall, which can be determined by one of our experts.

Damp proofing chemicals are then injected into these holes where they penetrate across the wall to form a continuous barrier.

Do It Yourself or Call In The Experts?

These days there is a growing trend in homeowners attempting to carry out damp proofing injections themselves, however unless you are already highly skilled in building works or have prior experience with carrying out DPC injections then this kind of work is best left to the professionals.

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